Звуковой Объект No 5 \SOUND OBJECT NO 5

Sound Object #5 Original Version | Russian+English Panel

Introduction of SO#5 and The Synth Architecture | Basic Building Blocks by Tulpa Dusha 

SO#5: Synthesized soundscapes: from bass, lead, computer tunes till cinematic backgrounds. Press pause on the frizzed frame and set your SO#5 to recreate on your system.

SO#5 Eurorack version as it is.

SO#5 Eurorack Version | Inputs and Outputs to Eurorack Systems 

SO#5 Eurorack Version | Side View

SO#5 Eurorack Version | Rear Panel with Input and Outputs to connect with any modular or semi-modular system

SO#5 Eurorack Version | Example of connection with semi-modular system from Erica Synths


A compact instrument, with a wide range of possibilities for obtaining various effects and timbres. Eurorack edition of the synthesiser has inputs and outputs on the rear panel, that provide signal exchange between any eurorack or semi-modular systems and the synth.

Sound Object # 5 is a pre-configured subtractive type synthesiser with a Polyvox type filter. Two oscillators, white noise generator, filter, two modulators (advanced S&H and LFO), envelope generator and amplifier (VCA) are the building blocks the signal goes through.

Complex modulators with a range of switches, that affect the signal, filter and the amplitude.

Sound Object # 5 is a universal analogue sonic station, created in Rostov-On-Don, Russia. 

SO 5 Owners Manual
PDF – 33,4 MB 1165 downloads

Sound Objects #5 is:


❤️            A Powerful Analogue Sound Sculpturing Station

🪶            Lightweight and Compact

🌱            Minimised Ecological Damage by use of Natural Handmade Packagings 

            PRE-ORDER BASED 


Available on pre-order:


⚠️    In case of Pre-order, manufacturing time: approx 5 days + shipping to Europe/douane : between 14 - 28 days + sending time from the Netherlands : 2-7 days.

🔌    The synthesiser works on 9-12 V AC. Outside Europe we advice to have a power supply that gives this voltage or get a converter.


European :







💶     Price: 420 Euro + Sending Costs

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