Звуковой Объект Гек.кон \SOUND OBJECT GEK.KON

Gek.kon as it is - a little digital hybrid synth in the world of analogue sound objects.

Gek.kon : new design update 2022. Metallic body and wooden ears, as well as panel colour choise. Synth's configuration (architecture) stays same.

Звуковой Объект Гек.кон \SOUND OBJECT GEK.KON


Monophonic Digital Synthesiser


Gek.kon is a monophonic digital lo-fi synthesiser. Oscillator generates a waveform that contains digital artefacts, which we can smooth with a simple analogue filter. Smoothing the waveform brings new sounding, giving us a spectrum from lo-fi till vintage timbres. 

Gek.kon has:


𝄪 Syncable DCO 1 & 2 generating sawtooth, triangle, sine and pulse waveforms 

𝄪 Modulator LFO applied to Oscillators, Amplifier, PWM and Envelope of the Filter

𝄪 Classic Envelope Generator ADSR 

𝄪 Dual analogue filter 6 db per octave

𝄪 Filter Phase Inversion

𝄪 Extra effect features like overdrive, fuse, noise and distortion

𝄪 Midi input, assignable midi channels

𝄪 Monophonic audio output

𝄪 Hidden magic tricks

Gek Kon Manual
PDF – 10,8 MB 747 downloads

Gek.kon is:


❤️            A Powerful Digital+Analogue Hybrid Sound Sculpturing Mini Station

🪶            Lightweight and Compact

🌱            Minimised Ecological Damage by use of Natural Handmade Packagings 

          1 IN STOCK (YELLOW) (update 12.01.2024).


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⚠️    In case of Pre-order, manufacturing time: approx 5 days + shipping to Europe/douane: between 14 - 28 days + sending time from the Netherlands : 2-7 days.

🔌    Use the provided power supply only or contact for details.


💶     Price: 420 Euro + Sending Costs

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